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SOCAL Reptile Rescue and Foster Care

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About Us

We provide many services to both reptiles and their humans, including school and library live animal educational presentations, birthday party showings, removal and relocation services for unwanted reptiles, local habitat destruction abatement, local reptile species data collection and preservation, as well as a wide variety of other services for the reptiles in our care.

It is so very important that you do thorough research before you add a potential new addition to your family. Their habitat, feeding requirements, living arrangements, health are all very vital aspects to proper care and health of these great animals.

Reptiles are not the self sufficient animals that everyone is led to believe. You must invest a large amount of time and money into the setup. Regular vet check ups, organic and specialty foods, medications, vitamins, supplements, substrates, and large (expensive) enclosures, just to name a few.

Far too often we encounter the infamous 'collector' or 'hoarder'. These are people who, in many cases, use the word rescue in vein. Many of these people are just collecting animals for their personal agenda's of breeding incorrectly, selling to anyone with a dollar, or simply filling up their home. Sadly, these animals are usually the one's we receive, badly mistreated, injured, emaciated, in pain, and on the brink of death. We implore you to thoroughly research the people taking your animal as well.

Many times we get more animals than we have room space available. That is why we partner with other rescue centers in the county. We currently partner with the Humane Society, animal shelters, turtle, and many snake rescues to help us meet the high demand for recovery of the many animals in need.

Finally, choose your new friend wisely and you guys will have many happy years together.