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Care Sheets and Housing Info Forms

Proper care of your reptile is vital. They are not the simple, self sufficient, easily cared for pets that people have labelled them to be.

These animals require special lighting, certain substrates (if any at all), special types of food items, large enclosures, and above all our interaction. These animals need us to be experts in their lifestyles and habitats.   We need to be extremely proactive in their well-being.

Due to copyright limitations and frequent updates I have added the following links to care sheets on what I feel (through research on my own and referrals from a few expert friends of mine) the following links to be the most accurate and straight forward. I would like to thank Melissa Kaplan for her extensive research and time she has put into ensuring that we are caring for our reptile friends appropriately, thanks Melissa.

PROPER CARE Proper Housing
green iguanas green iguanas
lizards lizards
turtles and tortoises turtles
amphibians tortoises
snake care information Amphibians
Feeding Live Food to Snakes